Customized social media campaigns done in minutes

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Campaign Builder is a simple & fast way to create social media campaigns for all your listings. Create entire campaigns in just a few minutes, and get your listings in front of more potential buyers!

Schedule social campaigns in a few minutes

Most real estate agents post their new listing once or twice on each social media platform, but that’s not enough! With Campaign Builder you can create & schedule campaigns for each of the top platforms including up to 15 posts per campaign, depending on the social platform. And you can do it all in just a few minutes!

Works with the most powerful platforms

You don’t need to be on every platform. You just need to be one the platforms that your potential clients are on. We focus on the four we believe have the most impact on your business.


Harness the power of Buffer

We absolutely love Buffer, which is why we created Campaign Builder to work in perfect harmony with it! When you combine Campaign Builder’s automated campaign creation power with Buffer’s scheduling and posting power, you get use of one of the best real estate marketing tools on the market.

Depending on how many listings you will be posting, you may be able to use Buffer’s free plan. But if you want to really put Campaign Builder to work, we recommend signing up for the Buffer Pro Plan… it’s the same plan we use for all our social media scheduling.

Scheduling with Campaign Builder is super easy!

Consistency is the key…

Have you ever come up with a plan for all the great posts you are going to share for a new listing, only to realize weeks later that you never followed through with your plan?

We feel your pain.

Which is why we created Campaign Builder. We know that one the hardest parts of social media has been being consistent with your posting… but no longer!

Campaign Builder allows you to create and schedule entire campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn in just a few minutes. And it doesn’t just work with new listings. Create coming soon, price change, and sold listing campaigns too!

Creating and scheduling an entire campaign all at once ensures that your listing gets the exposure it needs. The best part is that Campaign Builder makes it so easy! Just fill out the property info form, select your desired campaign length, and schedule the posts Campaign Builder creates for you!

Ready to give it a shot?