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Step 1: Set up a Buffer account

The first thing you need to do is sign up for a Buffer account.

Click here to sign up for Buffer

Option 1: Sign up for the Free plan. This plan currently allows you to have 3 linked profiles, and it allows you to have 10 scheduled messages for each of those profiles at any given time.

Option 2: Sign up for the Pro plan. This plan is currently $15 per month, but allows you to have 10 total profiles linked to your account, as well as 100 scheduled messages per social profile at any given time. This option will allow you to better use Campaign Builder, as it will allow you to schedule multiple listing campaigns at the same time.

*Disclaimer: The Real Estate Platform is not affiliated with Buffer in any way, nor do we receive compensation for recommending the use of Buffer. We designed Campaign Builder to work with Buffer because we believe it is the best tool available to use in conjunction with Campaign Builder.

Step 2: Connect Your Accounts to Buffer

Now that you are signed up with Buffer the next step is to get all your accounts connected.

Since Campaign Builder works with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn we recommend you connect these four accounts at minimum, but feel free to connect other accounts as well if you have them.

Buffer makes it really easy to get set up. Simply click the “Add a social account” button on your Buffer dashboard and follow the instructions.


Step 3: Download the Buffer app

Currently you have to post to Instagram live, rather than being able to schedule it to auto-post like all the other networks (hopefully this will be changing soon). Buffer makes this really easy though. All you have to do is download the Buffer app and make sure you are logged in and Buffer will guide you through the rest of the posting.

Having the Buffer app on your phone will also allow you to monitor you upcoming posts, as well as make any changes to them from your phone. Here are links to download the app:

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