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When should I post?

The time and date you post each message is 100% up to you, however you will see that we give some general recommendations. Under the “Schedule It” button you will see the time and day we recommend you posting each post. However, if you want to post more or less posts per day than we suggest, or you would like to post at different times or time than we suggest, that is okay.

Under the schedule button of each post you will see a recommended time to post it

When you click “Schedule It” you will be taken to Buffer’s schedule tool, where you can select the time and date you want the post to be posted at.

Why doesn't Facebook pull in my posts automatically?

Unfortunatly Facebook does not allow a posting tool to automatically input text descriptions for posts. However, there is an easy fix to this.

Here are the simple steps to work around this:

  1. Turn on Facebook by clicking your Facebook profile at the of Buffer’s Post Tool
  2. Copy the description from another network such as Twitter (you can copy from any network)
  3. Paste the description into the Facebook post
  4. Turn off the network you copied the text description from

Here is a quick video of how to do this.

Can I change the order of the posts?

The order of the posts is just a recommendation, but is 100% controlled by you when you schedule the posts. Want to make post #4 the first post in your campaign? No problem! Just schedule it first.

How much can I customize my campaign?

Each post has a set template, but can be highly customized with the content you enter into the “Property details” form. You can use basic information for things like features such as “a covered porch” or “quartz countertops” if you would like. Or you can use more descriptive terms such as “a large covered front porch with a water fountain”  or “ice white quartz countertops in the kitchen and all bathrooms” to give your posts an even more customized feel.

Each campaign also gives you the ability to use a few “Descriptive words” to make the posts more detailed. For example, using terms like beautiful, remodeled, charming, etc. can help to add details to your posts.

Have something you want to add to the post before you schedule it?

Let’s say you want to add the phrase “This home shows like a model!” to one of the posts. No problem, just add it in the Buffer post tool before you schedule the post.

Do I need to use Buffer?

Campaign Builder was designed specifically to work with Buffer due to our belief that it is the best social media scheduling tool on the market. To fully utilize the power of Campaign Builder, you need to have the ability to schedule posts for a future time and date. Buffer gives you this ability.

But, if you don’t want to use Buffer you don’t have to. You would just have to copy each of the posts and save them somewhere else, and then post them live at your preferred time & date.

How do I get people to convert on Instagram?

Since the only clickable link on Instagram is the link in your bio, you want to make sure you don’t post links in your photo descriptions just like you would do on other networks. The best way to convert clicks is to tell people to click the “Link in my/our bio” and then do one of the following things with that link:

  1. Create a Instagram Landing page on your website. Make the link something like Then make sure to feature all of your current listings on that page! You will also want to include a link to a home search, as well as a link to any other pages people may be looking for when they land on that page.
  2. Link to your website homepage. If you have a really good website that already features your listings as well as other important links directly on your home page, just go ahead and make this the page you link to from Instagram.

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