General Information When entering the location, you can enter the name of anything that would identify the location of the home. Some examples include:
  • Neighborhood name
  • City
  • School District
  • Zip Code
  • etc.

Sale Information Seller(s) Name
  • First Name(s)
  • First & Last Name(s)
  • the LastName family
Feature of the Sale
You can put anything that gives a description of the transaction. For example:
  • in less than 5 days
  • for $5,000 over list price
  • today
  • last week
  • etc.
Team Name
Either enter the name of your team, or enter "me" if you are a solo agent.

Descriptive Words Use any term you feel describes the property. Here are some examples:
  • beautiful
  • remodeled
  • charming
  • amazing
  • georgous
  • updated
  • etc.
*Remeber to make all these terms lower case, as they will appear in the middle of sentences.

Hashtags Using hashtags is one of the best ways to get your posts noticed on Instagram and Twitter. We recommend you come up with a block of hashtags that you save somewhere, so you can easily paste them here. Make sure to put a space inbetween each hashtag. Ex: #justlisted #realestate

We recomend the following number of hashtags:
  • Instagram: Up to 30
  • Twitter: Up to 2